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Safety and Disaster prevention
Social Infrastructure for The New Century
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Shinya Inazumi
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering
Architecture and Civil Engineering in Master's Program
Regional Environment Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
The goal of the Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory (GEL) is to manage and maintain geo-structures and social infrastructures in harmony with the environment, thereby allowing future human beings to inherit and develop sustainable urban infrastructure and urban environment. The GEL has established strong relationships with universities and companies in Southeast Asian countries, and has been developing advanced technologies, materials and investigation methods to protect the ground from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami. In particular, the GEL contributes significantly to the prevention of liquefaction and slope failures associated with earthquakes.
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Laboratory Research Field
Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Geo-environmental Engineering Environmental Management Construction Management
Recent Research Topics
Development and evaluation of aseismic foundation structures by steel pipe sheet piles Development and evaluation of technologies for waste landfill sites (structures) Development and evaluation of maintenance technologies for water-shielding structures Potential and effective usage of solid wastes as ground improving materials Development and evaluation of self-repairing ground improvement technologies
Development and liquidity evaluation of super high flow liquefied stabilized soils Development and evaluation of visualization technology for ground improvements Kinetics evaluation of toxic substances in soils Development and evaluation of insolubilization technology for contaminated soils Geotechnical evaluation of environmental economy for processing construction wastes
Affiliated Conferences
Japan Society of Civil Engineers Japanese Geotechnical Society The Society of Materials Science Japan Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management
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