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Approach to Humanity Proposition
Combustion engineering laboratory
Hiroyasu Saitoh
Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering in Master's Program
Regional Environment Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
Explosion Mitigation Hydrogen safety Atomization Fire safety
Exhaust gas treatment        
Recent Research Topics
Numerical simulation of flame quenching Influence of electric fields on flames Development of mitigation system for hydrogen explosions Exhaust gas treatment by laser  
Affiliated Conferences
Combustion Society of Japan Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems - Japan The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Society for Automotive Engineers of Japan  
Related Industries
Applicable Industrial Fields
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
High-speed camera Image intensifier YAG laser ICCD camera Metal halide lamp
Heat flux sensor Oscilloscope Digital delay generator Multifunction generator Pressure transducers
Research Seeds