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Information Industrial Revolution in The Creative Technology
Programming Language Research Group
Isao Sasano
Associate Professor, Department of Information Science and Engineering
College of Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Master's Program
Functional Control Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
Our research aims at developing integrated development environments utilizing techniques in programming languages such as type systems and program transformations. Up to now practical systems like Eclipse provide basic refactoring functionalities such as renaming identifiers. Our goal is to develop systems that provide various useful features such as context-sensitive completion of identifiers, expressions, keywords, and syntax, and various refactoring functionalities such as renaming variables and extracting functions, by reusing compiler code as much as possible.
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
programming languages programming support programming learning support code clone  
Recent Research Topics
syntax completion identifier completion code clone detection    
Affiliated Conferences
Association for Computing Machinery Japan Society for Software Science and Technology Information Processing Society of Japan    
Related Industries
Software development        
Applicable Industrial Fields
Programming languages Functional programming Theory and implementation of programming support    
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
Several PCs        
Research Seeds
Syntax completion Identifier completion