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Approach to Humanity Proposition
Electromagnetic Actuator Lab.
Shoji Shimomura
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Master's Program

Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
Human and environment-friendly electric motor technologies
In my laboratory, we work on improvement of conventional motors’ performance, and development of novel motors with high efficiency. And the development of control method of their motors is also one of our research themes. It is said that more than 100 years has passed since the birth of the motor. However, the motor technology still supports people’s lives in modern society.
Laboratory Character We have developed the motors for electric cars (Hybrid EV, Pure-EV) and some linear motors, and have proposed various novel ideas, such as application of vernier configuration to a traction motor for EV and to a linear motor and proposal of an integrated configuration of a radial flux rotor and dual axial flux rotor. My students have made a presentation on the research results at international academic conferences.
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
Permanent magnet motor Axial-Flux motor High efficiency motor Traction motor for electric cars Linear motor
Motor control        
Recent Research Topics
Mathematical Model Considering Air Gap Space Harmonics in IPMSM Integrated Radial and Dual Axial-Flux Ferrite Magnet Synchronous Machine Cancellation of Torque Ripple Accompanying Space Harmonics in SPMSM Improvement of Torque Density of Variable Reluctance Vernier Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Ferrite Magnet Vernier Machine for In-Wheel Machine
Linear Vernier Machine with Permanent Magnets Only on Armature Side        
Affiliated Conferences
For Social Contributions to the World Sustainability Electric cars (automobiles, railcars and so on) are driven by some electric motor. Various motors are used in familiar goods, such as cellular phone, wrist watch and home electric appliances. People receives many benefits from the motor technology.
Related Industries
Automobile home appliance other general industrial products    
Applicable Industrial Fields
automobile home appliance other general industrial products    
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
Research Seeds
Large torque motor technology Low cost permanent magnet linear motor technology for long distance moving