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Exploring New Wisdom
Inorganic Chemistry of Materials
Hajime Kiyono
Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry
College of Engineering
Applied Chemistry in Master's Program
Regional Environment Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
Investigate a novel fabrication process of ceramics.
We investigate a novel process to fabricated new ceramic materials.
Laboratory Character Experiments are carried out with laboratory made equipment.
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
Ceramics Materials Solid State Reaction Recycle  
Recent Research Topics
Fabrication of Needle like TiN particles Fabrication of GaN nano-wires Recycling process for recovery of gallium from GaN an e-waste    
Affiliated Conferences
The Ceramic Society of Japan The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan The Materials Research Society of Japan The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis The Chemical Society of Japan
For Social Contributions to the World Sustainability Developing a new manufacturing process for ceramics materials leads to a cost reduction of the devices.
Related Industries
Ceramics Inorganic Materials      
Applicable Industrial Fields
Ceramics Inorganic Materials Solid State Chemistry    
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
Thermogravimetric analysis in ammonia atmosphere Electric Furnace      
Research Seeds
Titanium Nitride Gallium Nitride Nitridation Process Microstructural Analysis