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Approach to Humanity Proposition
Energy and environmental technology laboratory
Kotaro Tanaka
Professor, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering in Master's Program
Regional Environment Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
Electrochemical thermal energy conversion and control
The research theme is thermal energy conversion and control accompanied by electrochemical reaction. Differential concentration battery that uses the concentration difference of liquid metal called alkali metal thermal to electric conversion (AMTEC), flow type battery operating with small temperature difference, and lighting using direct sunlight are the research topics.
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
thermoelectric conversion solar thermal enegy thermal storage    
Recent Research Topics
alkali metal thermal to electric conversion (AMTEC) Electrochemical heat pump Solar lighting    
Affiliated Conferences
Japan solar energy society Japan Institute of energy Electrochemical society of Japan    
For Social Contributions to the World Sustainability We can reduce CO2 emissions by using low-quality waste heat that is now discarded. We are also paying attention to technologies that promote the use of renewable energy such as solar energy.
Related Industries
Applicable Industrial Fields
Concentration type cells chemical storage material and systems      
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
Research Seeds
Concentration type cells chemical heat pump