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Advanced Communication Design Laboratory
Kazunori Mano
Professor, Department of Electronic Information Systems
College of Engineering
Global Course of Engineering and Science
Functional Control Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Omiya Campus
Laboratory Overview
Invent/design the future human communication systems
The use of voice is the best way to convey your intent and feelings. How convenient it will be if you can talk with computers and robots easily. In our laboratory, we are studying media processing, generation, encoding technologies and communication methods, mainly on spoken language interfaces. Let's invent/design the future communication systems so that any one can freely and comfortably manipulate multimedia information!
Laboratory Character (1) Spoken language communication design (e.g. speech interaction technology, human communication). (2) Media coding design (speech and audio coding, content processing). (3) Information communication systems design (user-oriented network, multimedia communication method).
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
speech processing signal processing machine learning human interfaces ICT design
Recent Research Topics
media (speech) coding based on deep learning speech to visual information conversion human-machine interaction systems objective communication quality evaluation methods  
Affiliated Conferences
Acoustical Society Japan IEIECE IEEE IPSJ JSEE
For Social Contributions to the World Sustainability We would like to conduct researche and deverlopement with industries, governments. We are also engaging Gobal Project-Based Learning with Systems Engineering approach.
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