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New Materials for The Future
Materials for Energy and Environmental Laboratory
Muralidhar Miryala

Global Course of Engineering and Science
Regional Environment Systems in Doctoral Program
Location: Toyosu Campus
Laboratory Overview
Development of super-magnets use in the day life of public
The research activity strongly emphasizes on Nano-structured superconducting super-magnets which are suitable for industrial applications and are capable of making rather dramatic changes in the daily life. The technology opens up a way for more practical, economical, and reliable production. In this laboratory, students will focus on development of next generation superconducting super-magnets’ processing, production, and characterization for several industrial applications which could be incorporated in medical, transport, and research fields. Further, the laboratory also focusses on development of new class of materials related to magnetic refrigeration, solar energy, HTSc cables, etc., to reduce the future greenhouse gasses and will soon influence every aspect of our lives.
Laboratory Character In our laboratory, students would get to see and learn how science education is fostered compared to what they have experienced in their country and they can come across new teaching methodologies useful in developing technologically relevant ideas for future endeavors/ entrepreneurship ventures along with international students by Project Based Learning (gPBL) process.
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
supermagnets superconductivity superconducting cables rare earth free magnets (MgB2 FeSe)
flux pinning energy materials melt-structured materials thick films  
Recent Research Topics
high temperature superconductivity new energy materials magnetic materials Magnetocaloric materials  
Affiliated Conferences
IOP Institute of Physics UK founder number for Materials Hyderabad    
For Social Contributions to the World Sustainability The HTSc magnets are useful for several industrial applications including healthcare, transport, and research. Health care products for example MRI, DDS, and others. Further, these products are greener, quieter and by far more energy efficient than existing magnets, which will be attractive since a high impact concerning a greener economy.
Related Industries
Superconducting Industry and Japan Railways        
Applicable Industrial Fields
healthcare transport and research    
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
High Temperature Furnaces Glove Box SEM TEM XRD
DTA AFM Raman etc  
Research Seeds
Developed a new class of mixed LRE-123 system which can be used up to 15 T at 77 K and high temperatures up to 90.2 K. Also produced a novel technology to produce a RE-123 type silver sheathed wire on the basis of solid state / liquid phase reaction. Thus it plays a promising role in power applications.