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Research Laboratory for a Better Workplace
Kyoko Kato
Associate Professor,

Engineering Management (MOT) in Master's Program

Location: Shibaura Campus
Laboratory Overview
Research Laboratory for a Better Workplace (focusing on OB/HR)
This social-science-oriented laboratory covers the area of management, including workers’ behavior, workplace culture, employee training/development, and work-life balance, exploring a better workplace where people work happily and proactively toward innovation.
Laboratory Character If you are interested in people and organizations, please come and join us.
Research Outputs You can review research papers in the website below.
Laboratory Research Field
WLB Autonomy Motivation Leadership Role Models
Identity Majority-Minority Career Innovation Culture
Recent Research Topics
Determinants of people's WLB Proactive employee behaviors Ambidextrous (= innovative) people & organizations CTO's career development Function of role models in a workplace
Affiliated Conferences
Academy of Management (USA) The Academic Association for Organizational Science (Japan) Japan Academy of Business Administration Japan Academy of Labor Management  
For Social Contributions to the World Sustainability As noted above, we are working hard to solve problems in Japanese workplaces such as work-lie-balance, employee motivation/leadership, and organizational culture and development.
Related Industries
All areas especially manufacturing industry      
Applicable Industrial Fields
Managing people and organizations including workers’ behavior and attitude workplace culture employee training/development career development
and work-life balance        
Instruments and Devices in this Laboratory
Research Seeds